A day at Sand Bank

Today we decided to wake up early , ready for a new day. I have breakfast with my usual Cup of yè-yè (a species of Nescafe that they drink in the Maldives) and a little’ by masshuni (salty snack made from piadina with a mixture of tuna, onions, coconut and spices), It seems a bit combination’ strange but not bad at all.

This morning the sky is clear and the Sun brings out all the nuances and colors of blue that the sea can give us . We head to Dhoni with Adam Hassan and two local boys , We climb on the boat heading towards bank sand , a tongue of sand without Palm trees, without trees , with green bushes that there certain repair from Sun. There ’ and’ problem, We arrange with 3 Poles and a tarp to do some’ by shadow. The ’ island is located about 20 minutes from thulusdhoo. The dhoni (Wherry in Maldivian name)It is always nice to relax you can lie for sunbathing or watch the view and that sometimes cross with his eyes the fins of dolphins.

Slowly we approach and the ’ island becomes more amazing. We do a lot of pictures as we approach, dhoni then stops. We are in the midst of the ocean ’, in a small islet which usually see in travel catalogues. The boat leaves us about 20 meters from ’ island, because the water is too low ’. We descend from the boat, leaving your flip flops in dhoni and taking only the essentials: mask, pareo and protection cream 30. Seems like a dream, l ’ l ’ water surrounding island is shallow and clear, a few metres further, becomes deep blue . During this period, the sea is a Board, almost looks like a lake and you don't feel even the waves. Turn l ’ island 5 minutes and do photos on every corner. Then we decide to take a bath, relax on the sand and we let ourselves be lulled. After a while’ We decide to put their heads under water ’… the coral is beautiful, c is a bit ’’ and there are some beautiful blue corals that surprise us. The most fascinating thing about this strip of sand is located in the middle of the ocean outside the barrier and comes out from the ’ water only at low tide. With the high ’ is completely covered and submerged.


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