This atoll is famous for its wave potential can generate from metsurfhouse you can enjoy total relaxation 2 of the most famous spot of Maldives : cokes and chikens .

the first name which comes from the coca cola factory which resides on the island where the ad originates, right from the start is a steep and tubante ... the swell is ideal from the South with winds blowing from the Northeast.


the second is the spot opposite cokes , chikens which takes its name from a chicken farm on the island facing. accessible by 5 the punt is a wave
beautiful and fast left two sections. In better days when the swell direction is from the South and the wind blows from the Northwest is one of the best lefts around the Indian Ocean not far from thulusdhoo about 15 minutes by speed boat there are others just as beauty spots for surfing with waves to both goofy and for regular.


moderately difficult spot located on thumuroodhoo Island ’. This creates an excellent spot and left steep, good by half a meter on. you have the best conditions with swell from the South and from the East wind.


probably the easiest spots in this area. It is located to the right of honky's on the adjacent island of thumuroodhoo (sultans is mirrored compared to honky's and vice versa). Here you build a wave right which can become very long with swell from the South; the best deal you have with westerly winds and high tide. This compares well with large storm surges and is a good spot when others are too big for their potential.


located north of Malé. the name probably derives from the fact that this break is particularly popular with Japanese surfers. the spot is located to the right of the kani resort or club
Med and offers a nice right wave ideal for longboarders and beginners who want to learn the technique.

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