Quick trip to Thulusdhoo

Thulusdhoo ’ located in the Kaafu atoll is 25 minutes by speedboat from Male international airport or ’ in an hour and a half with the public ferry.
L ’ island has about 1500 inhabitants of which most anglers, others work with tourism (shopping and excursions) While a minority is busy in the capital at the offices. Active in the management of rare local guest house. A large increase in the number of population c ’ was after the tsunami of 2004 When many residents of nearby islands were forced to leave their native Islands finding here the new House.

The daily routine flows without haste, the locals and particularly older ones spend their days on jolly (a kind of hammock made of wood) in front of their houses painted different colors .

Walking the streets of ’ island is known as each House has basically different colors, This is not a cosmetic issue but politics, in fact the colour of the House you can understand their political affiliation.

On ’ island there are market where you can find foods, Electronics clothing and accessories, and in particular
on the main street you will find souvenir shops where you can buy handmade items from the premises. There are 4/5 restaurants all with excellent value for money where you can try local cuisine and not just.
In this ’ Island exists a hospital (absent in most of the atolls) for the benefit of locals and tourists:
c ’ is a hospital

a pharmacy

The days are marked by prayer cycle 5 times a day and during which everything stops, the shops close and along the roads people can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The mosques are full of people and on ’ island for those minutes silence reigns, silence that is broken only by the sound of the Muezzin.

L ’ island of thulusdhho besides being famous for surfing and the accuracy of the waves due to the absence of wind during certain times of the year ’, is also famous for the reef lagoon perfect for snorkelers and divers . Diving this year



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