It is now some time that live on this island, and the thing I like most is talk with people snooping on why they chose to spend their vacation on an island rather than a local resort. As you can imagine the main reason is the price difference between the guest house and resort. This is just one of many reasons why people opt for a guest house. For some people that I met here in Thulusdhoo this was their first experience in a guest house as it had previously been at a resort.

We know that in everything is crazy :staff available 24 hours a day , breakfast served in the room and every type of comfort. Despite this many people have preferred to perfection back in the Maldives by choosing a guest house . The first reason is certainly cheap but also because they felt the pleasure and curiosity to relate with the locals by knowing new posts and scenarios , living a rich and intense experience of knowledge and made direct contact with a world light years away from our. Speaking with a young couple at the end of their vacation they told me that the best thing was to see their children playing with the other kids being to create a Maldivian real cultural exchange. The resort and Guest House are 2 completely different vacation types. The resort is the best way to relax , the guest house also has relax but you can also choose to enjoy your holiday in contact with locals, with nature and out from the mass tourism. The only thing that makes the difference is the natural beauty of these islands .

Why choose a guest house?
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