Malè City

Malè is the capital of Maldives . The city is home for over 100.000 habitants that includes both Maldivians and expatriates workers . It has a land area of approximately 4sq km. Getting around the city is pretty easy by walking you will find a quite number of taxis and motors vehicles used by residents. We concur that you could completely encircle the island in an hour and thirtyy minutes time by walking.
Taxis cost is 25Rf like 3$ instead to go to the airport by boat costs just 10Rf per person per trip by ferry and takes about 15-20 minutes .

Local market: where you can find all the fruit and vegetables grown in the maldives. All the vendors are locals stationed at small stalls .
Fish market: is where fish includes mainly tuna varieties such as skip jack tuna and yellow fin tuna are brought
National Museum and Sultan Parks : is a big display with galleries representing the maldivian history

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