.. But for kids?

Many families who want to come and ask us if this is an island suitable for children. During the winter I spent here to follow the work of the structure I have observed children who came here on holiday with their families and I think I did more than an idea.
Families that have gone off this island ’ is back enriched, their children and he spent a week of sea made an experience knowing a world completely different from our seasoned with smiles and friendships without video games and Smartphones .
Your little ones here in thulusdhoo will know their peers discover habits and lifestyles . It won't be hard for him to make friends because all Maldivian children always have a smile and every day after school to play on the beach . About the school, It might be a good idea once you rise early and take your kids to see how to do the lessons. Some advice before you leave do a quick review of what children learned in school during English classes as Maldivian children speak German perfectly . Will hit the joy of Maldivian population that despite living just appreciate every moment of life smiling. You will see that in front of the sea and the multiplicity of fish Nemo and Dori children accustomed to tv and the Western lifestyle will be fascinated by this holiday .




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