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How to arrive from airport to thulusdhoo?

You can choose to take the speed boat or the local ferry . If you opt for the first our staff will pick you up personally at the airport. There you will find the boat with which you can reach within thulusdhoo 30 minutes. If you opt for the ferry (the local ferry) Once landed and exited the airport you have to take the gifts to city Male. This boat is available every 20 minutes and takes 10 minutes. Once arrived in Malé, our advice is to take a taxi (fixed price 25 rufyaa one way regardless of destination) and make you take the local Meri Brown. There you will see the Tharika2 ferry to thulusdhoo traveling all days except Tuesday 15e30 at that part and not on Friday to 10 in the evening. The transfer takes about an hour and a half and has a cost of approximately 32 head rufyaa (about 2 Euro) .




If the sea is rough on the same ferry?

You tend to always except on rare occasions truly extreme weather conditions.


And’ can dive ?

You can dive in that on this island has just opened a diving.


What do you eat in thulusdhoo?

You can switch from eating pasta and Chicken Cacciatore with Italian standards, or if you want to vary you can try the Maldivian cuisine consists mainly of fish cooked in numerous variations, with coconut, spices, vegetables and noodles. You can of course ask our chef to flavor to your liking. No surprise if in addition to the classic breakfast toast with jam accompanied by lots of fruits you'll be offered also a dish called Massùni, made from tortillas to fill with tuna, coconut and onions: seems like a strange pairing, but it is very good, even at breakfast.


There are spirits on the island?

In stores you can find a wide variety of soft drinks and bottled water; you won't find any alcohol because according to the Muslim religion is forbidden to drink of this type. It is also forbidden to bring alcohol on the island and will be confiscated if bottles were found in a suitcase at the airport. On this thing are very rigid and not try to break unless you want to extend your holiday.


Is there a doctor on’ Island?

The island of thulsdhoo c’ It is a hospital with a doctor on call 24 hours a day ; in case of urgent necessity , patients are transferred to hospital with male super speedy ambulance boat available h24. We advise you to bring generic medicines from Italy and leave them at the Maldivian population before your departure, as it is difficult for them to obtain medicines.


How do I get dressed in a Muslim island?

While turn for the Interior of the island ,keep appropriate clothing, with t-shirt and costume for men and for women is enough to have your knees covered , simply a sarong to cover your legs. Where is our guesthouse in any case you can sunbathe in costume.



There are mosquitoes in the Maldives?

As in most tropical areas also in the Maldives there are mosquitoes; in the driest period the number decreases while increases in most humid time, for that, We recommend that you always carry a mosquito coils.


That there is power in the Maldives?

The model is the English one, and in any case you will find a camera adapter.


What currency is the Maldives?

The Islands are inhabited by local Maldivian Rufie are accepted (1 $ = Rf. 15) and us dollars. On the island are accepted euros and dollars in addition to Rufyaa. On the island there is a ATM machine then you should bring cash or withdraw directly to Malè.

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