The Maldives archipelago ’ is located in the middle of all the Indian Ocean ’ near ’ Equator southwest of india ’, where hundreds of Islands and reefs, creating some of the world's most beautiful waves.

Outdoor temperature stable all year ’ 28 and 30 degrees, glassy waves clear and accurate make these islands a real aquatic carousel.

Surfisticamente talking about the best time (If you really want to talk about the best period) runs from March to November, when the monsoon blows from the Southwest. During these months, many surfers decide to plan a surf trip to these islands. At the same time are the months in which you can find more people on the peak but talk about crowding in the Maldives is misplaced as it is difficult to find more than 15 people on the same spot. During the months of July and August the waves can get up to 4 meters with light winds onshore. The temperature of ’ water remains constant throughout the year on ’ 28 degrees.

Instead months ranging from March to October the southwest monsoon blows from Northwest (dry season). During this period, rainfall is rare and extremely short, the swell are less substantial but no less frequent. It should be remembered that we are in the middle of the Indian Ocean ’ so there is no wonder ’ to idyllic visions 1 and a half meter crystalline and smooth with very few people in the water. On days when the sky is veiled for a total absence of wind it is hard to distinguish the waves as they become a single thing with the gray of the sky. These months are considered low season months for many guides but actually surf on these islands you can surf all year ’. Obviously the flat days there are but what better time to appreciate this nature by snorkeling or just relaxing under a Palm tree in front of the spectacle that only these islands have to offer?!

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