The local cuisine

Much of the food as you can imagine the Maldives revolves around in particular tuna fish. Just a few days ago I was visiting Malé to arrange the paperwork when almost by chance I found myself visiting the fish market . I thought there were lots of fish, but ever so much.

Most individuals are tuna , swordfish and barracuda that are mostly cooked on the grill, Al forno, in soup and meatballs …

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The fish along with grated coconut and onions are served several times already starting from breakfast going to compose a common dish called Maldivian Mas uni.
The spices are widely used and very massive doses compared to our habits and undoubtedly contribute to give an exotic flavour to this kitchen.
The most used are the curry, either in the form of powder or leaves and chilli, but they find wide use even pepper, Ginger, cloves, cardamom, coriander (seeds).

Yummy desserts, especially the puddings and cakes of Anglo-Saxon imprint of fruit and pastry.
The main drink is tea and is consumed cold and very sweet. Fresh water is rainwater or wells. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by the religion of Islam.

Regarding the most common fruit is the coconut, present in abundance on all islands; tiny and tasty bananas, passion fruit, Pineapple, Mango, papaya, complete the panorama melons.

The lack of a certain variety of Maldivian cuisine stems from the fact that virtually all the Islands must be imported.
The only products not imported seafood and the coconut that grows wild, then the Maldives depend totally on imported, especially from India and Sri Lanka: the soil, In fact, is so poor as to be insufficient for a regular production of fruits and vegetables, and for breeding.
The sambol is a very popular dish, but i don't find it too often Maldivian strong and spicy, is used to stimulate appetite and usually accompanies rice.

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