What does it mean to choose a local island

In recent years, the Maldivian Government has allowed to operate the non-hospitality-houses and local tourists representing a real breakthrough for the locals and not only. You have created a real proprioincremento of tourism but also for those people who decide to come to the Maldives without spending a fortune. Beware though not always the low price is in line with certain standards of comfort and beauty. We Met this goal that we set ourselves to offer you House a facility that has nothing to envy to the best resort but in a different context. By choosing a’ local island exudes local life. The local island can be likened to a small village where the small nothing is missing from the school to the hospital, from the pharmacy to the football pitch until the police station. Here you will see what is the daily life of a country, from the children who go to school in the morning accompanied by their mothers on bike , by the local person who go to work up to fishermen who get up early in the morning to go fishing. In short, choose a local island means both admire the beauty of the sea is getting in touch with the people and understand their world and their lifestyle.

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