What to and not to Pack

1190 coral islands, 26 main atolls soaking wet from the Indian Ocean. These "just" two hundred or so are inhabited. Tourist facilities are located only on about 100 Islands. After this description will not be difficult to imagine what to Pack. Put casual clothes and accessories, forget the shoes. One of the main mottoes of ‘ island is “No news no shoes”. And’ advisable even though it may seem obvious to bring you a high sunscreen and put it even if the sky is cloudy, a hat and sunglasses will be very useful .
Remember that the Maldives is absolutely forbidden to take or export corals and shells taken at the beach except the objects taken at local stores because you will be issued a permit. In that Muslim country is strictly forbidden the consumption and sale of alcohol except for the resort.12592220_10207190525915702_3760124616796662684_n

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