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It's almost a month that I live on this island and every day that passes I am more and more amazed at the way they take life. Live without anxiety, they are always smiling and friendly, they just really just for fun, and spend most of their time getting jokes to each other. Certainly in the eyes of Europeans can seem a bit’ lazy and very slow, but go slow is part of their nature, I'm definitely stressed out as we. Here there does not seem to worry about the future , the economic crisis that hit the Italy and the world. ’ c ’ on the island is what you need to live with dignity: the Town Hall, the school , three grocery stores, the mosque and the ’ hospital for about 1500 residents throughout. I remind you that the Maldives has banned the consumption of alcohol (not for resort).



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Are exceptional people from what I could see, polite, calm and helpful. The relations between the people here seem honest , they have no ulterior motives . On this island there is drug competition and envy. Definitely somewhere else is not so. In the capital Malé, Westernized now, There are the same problems that occur in Italy. Here on the island seems to be living in a bell jar.

Some nights ago I went for a drink with some local guys and I got to talk and connect with those who are their customs and traditions .

I found that here have lots of parties in addition to all the most common, There are: one for the ’ independence, Government, one for the end of Ramadan, where dancing and playing with the Bodu Bero (large drum). There are many rituals.

Particular of burial. The corpse is wrapped in a white shroud, and place homeless in a pit dug in the sand. The color of mourning in the Maldives is white. Then, There is the ritual of the opening of a newly constructed home. Some people get together – decide when – and celebrate a function, a sort of blessing, praying and flooding the home of various perfumes and essences. The hair cut only on Fridays, that is the day of prayer. There are various rules for the kids who go to school. You can't leave the House, After the sixteen. First you must do your homework. No bathrooms or distractions from Sunday to Thursday. Then , on Friday there is the bathroom for males , on Saturday, that for females, strictly dressed. The call to prayer is performed five times a day, most Maldivians went to mosque.

While I was telling rites known something that I had never noticed or there are no women sitting at the table. My question about why arises.

The Maldivian woman never eats at the table with the men. First her husband and sons. At that point the female clan meets and eats alone. I want to clarify that all rumors and beliefs on the Islamic world, about women who are treated like slaves, I have not encountered. The woman wearing the headscarf only if she wants, No one can force it. Many girls do not wear. The woman here is a major pillar for the family, Join discussions and still, It is not and does not feel submissive to her husband. They don't speak of submission, but deep respect towards your partner. men, on the other hand, give a hand in childcare.


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