Asdu Sand bank

A sunny afternoon , a few square meters of beach in the middle of the Indian Ocean , a bit of low tide and tidal salt water the same recipe for happiness.

Our excursions

There are several activities that you can practice on this atoll, from snorkeling and surfing ,canoeing, beach volleyball players, or just read a good book while taking a bath in a natural pool only a few meters in front of us. A chi fermo sotto il sole non riesce proprio a stare ma desidera scoprire nuovi posti

A day at Sand Bank

Today we decided to wake up early , ready for a new day. I have breakfast with my usual Cup of yè-yè (a species of Nescafe that they drink in the Maldives) and a little’ by masshuni (salty snack made from piadina with a mixture of tuna, onions, coconut and spices), sembra un abbinamento un po’