The flora of the Maldives

The flora of the Maldives is made up of 70% mainly by coconut. The coconut trees can reach a height of 20 meters. Of these plants is used all the nuts the leaves and wood . Make up the remaining 30% ci pensano le mangrovie piante con altissime radici che fuoriescono dall’acqua

Your holidays

Aline con suo marito hanno scelto di raggiungerci per il loro viaggio di nozze.Hanno trascorso la loro luna di miele nella nostra struttura affascinati dalle nostre foto e dal contesto locale Scegliere un viaggio alle Maldive in Guest house da noi significa entrare in contatto con la popolazione del posto, vivere le giornate in splendide

Malè City

Malè is the capital of Maldives . The city is home for over 100.000 habitants that includes both Maldivians and expatriates workers . It has a land area of approximately 4sq km. Getting around the city is pretty easy by walking you will find a quite number of taxis and motors vehicles used by residents….

The boduberu

The culture of Maldives has African reminiscences, as reflected by the rhythm of their dances and the heroic themes of their songs. The most famous choreography is the bodu beru (It is named after a kind of large drum), performed by local people after the long and tiring days of work…

Maldivian Lifestyle

The traditional Maldivian family consisted of a patriarch who earned a living primarily by fishing carpentry ,seamanship and boatbuilding are traditional profession some men pursued. The woman normally stayed at home and took care of the children and other household duties. In a new era of urbanization , industrialization and the growth of tourism had brought

The statement on the island

In the Republic of Maldives, the school system provides for an obligatory instruction by 6 AI 16 years. Primary school lasts 7 seven years and, the remaining 3, constitute the formation of secondary degree. The country is in vogue use of school apron, solitamente di colore grigio o bianco.Ogni scuola fa apporre il proprio simbolo di riconoscimento.Il

Quick trip to Thulusdhoo

Thulusdhoo ’ located in the Kaafu atoll is 25 minutes by speedboat from Male international airport or in an hour and a half with the public ferry. L ’ island has about 1500 inhabitants of which most anglers, others work with tourism (shopping and excursions) while a minority has occupied the capital at…

The dish Masshuni

One of the most common and the most popular local dishes by most tourists is the Masshuni. From the local usually eaten at breakfast the Masshuni is a mix of tuna coconut and onion and lime is accompanied and wrapped in a kind of flat bread called Roschi made with flour and water. Le donne…