Why choose a guest house?

Before you book your stay we believe it is important to know some information about what 'will' your experience in Guest House. Many of you still have not had the opportunity to savor this reality and therefore relevant and know what it really means to live local islands and sleeping in a guest house.
Those who choose to come to our facilities to be a traveler, a person who likes to live the simplicity of the place, a sea lover, and a person who loves to spend time with the other guests. In the Guest House will become part of a family, people arrive who do not know and leave with new friends. In our structure, the guest and 'for 90% italiano, the meals you consume most of the time together on the beach, the kitchen and 'simple and basic, you will not find the overflowing buffet of things in the Maldives because the food does not have a large variety and some of the foods they really cost prohibitive. In the evenings we chat or you go for a ride in the island's shops, do not imagine shopping malls or shopping streets, but small shops, recently provided, selling local products.
L 'atmosphere of the Guest House is different from that of the Resort because of the type of holiday that you strive: we do not need to bring your suitcase, there are no gala dinners and there are entertainers who entertain, one that will keep you company on our beaches, They will be the stars and the sound of the sea in the background. In the Guest House you will find undoubtedly the spirit of the community and resort in the most intimate and exclusive environment. In addition to local islands it is completely different from the cards you have in mind in the Maldives or the catalogs that you have seen in some agency, Here we live in contact with the real culture of the place: meet women and children on the street, you can 'buy fish directly from fishermen, you can 'hear echoes of the Muezzin (typical of the local people prayer) several times a day and you can 'attend the parties of the country that often brighten their days on the island.
When you think of a local island, You must not imagine an island only made of long white beaches, perfect order and cleaned every morning. The interior of the island and 'made of small streets, following them, will show you what 'really live every day local. For this reason to visit must wear at least a shirt and a pareo, out of respect for those who live on site. In all the local islands it is strictly prohibited alcohol and it 'impossible to find them. The local islands are inhabited by a few hundred people living in small colorful houses, most of the time unfinished and often not in very good condition due to the big problem of waste disposal that the Maldives in general and even more 'these small islands. And 'why we invite our customers, once arrived, to buy fewer plastic as possible 'cause a little contribution multiplied by all can' really change things. If you have not been discouraged by these words, but this information will put even more curious, This means that you could be one of the lucky ones to live this wonderful experience.